Pakistan’s First International Conference on Experiential Learning

Pakistan’s First International Conference on Experiential Learning was held on March 17, 2016 at Habib University Karachi, Pakistan. The main purpose was to connect with global experts, industry practitioners, corporate professionals, trainers and academicians. It consisted of a host of international speakers and business leaders such as Roger Greenaway, Dr. Simon Priest, Bernie Kelly and Robert Smariga to name a few. They shared how they benefited from Experiential Learning interventions in leadership development.

Naseem Zafar Iqbal, host and pioneer of experiential learning in Pakistan was also one of the distinguished speakers. He has been the torch bearer of the idea since 33 years. As the founder of wilderness based corporate trainings in Pakistan, Naseem has brought experiential learning to mainstream trainings in Pakistan. His quest is to redefine trainings by introducing experiential learning as the primary philosophy of learning.

Abdul Samad Khan; co-host of the event, is a certified first Pakistani Outdoor Educator from the world-class National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). He holds an Executive Endeavor Award from the Australian Department of Education and Training. His passion for learning and training has cascaded to the masses through Youth Impact.

Syed Azam Jaffar; yet another co-host of the event, is a passionate experiential learning facilitator who has the art of going straight to the heart of the matter with single minded focus.

The primary objective was to create awareness amongst academicians, trainers, practicing managers and education managers about the effectiveness of experiential learning methodology. Additionally, sharing international best practices by leading experiential educationists was one of the key outcomes.

The conference was a great place to meet like-minded as well as diverse professionals from various backgrounds. The unique mix of learners, learning managers and learning providers brought beauty to this conference.

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