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To bring experiential education at the doorstep of the masses.


To create awareness about the usefulness of experiential education

To broaden the scope of Experiential Education in Pakistan

To apply the practical knowledge of Experiential Education to common man

Long Term Goals

To promote experience-based education and learning as a methodology for training, leadership development and capacity building of organizations and individuals from all walks of life

To encourage experiential learning in order to promote best practices of experiential learning through conducting conferences and seminars

To work for the development of human resources to make use of their full potential

To promote the intellectual and social well-being of the masses through publication of research journals

Board Members

Naseem Zafar Iqbal

President & Lead Consultant,
Training Impact Limited

Syed Azam Jaffar

CEO, Quantum Change Private Limited
Director Planning & Coordination, Training Impact Limited

Abdul Samad Khan

Founder & CEO, Youth Impact
Director Corporate Expeditions, Training Impact Limited